Tangspower 150W charger

TANGSPOWER brand series products have always been "quality first, h ...

the overview!


TANGSPOWER brand series products have always been "quality first, honesty-based" in the charger industry. The product adopts flexible technical solutions, suitable for various types of lithium battery packs, easy to use, simple, safe, intelligent, and truly an all-around butler in the charger.

model: Tangspower 150W charger
place of production: Shenzhen, China
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The Challenge!


with fan charger, fireproof and high temperature resistance, the shell is made of fireproof and flame retardant materials, large heat dissipation window, charging is not easy to get hot, constant current and constant voltage charging.


Sustainable, Reliable & Affordable Energy!


TANGSPOWER brand series products, which are the butlers of smart chargers, can supply all kinds, lithium-ion battery charging, lead-acid battery charging, iron-lithium battery charging, proper and reasonable charging of the charger is very good for prolonging the battery life , inappropriate charging will have a great impact on battery life.


product name:TangsFire
Product model:TP-150WF-5463000
Advanced features:Constant current and constant voltage charging, temperature control protection, short circuit protection, overcurrent protection, low voltage protection
input voltage:AC 100V-240V
output voltage:DC 54.6V-3A
input frequency:50/60HZ
working environment:-10~+50 Celsius
rated power:150W